Would you like to find your Essence, Mindfulness, Strength at the most Peaceful, Enclosed yet Powerful bastion of Male Privilege?

The monastic state of Agion Oros constitutes a self-governed  part of the Greek State. It includes 20 “sovereign” monasteries,  sketae, huts, cells, and “hermitages”. All the monasteries are  coenobitic, i.e. with common liturgy and prayer, common housing, eating and work for the monks. The region is governed by  the “Holy community” under the Ecumenical Patriarch of Constantinople. Only men are permitted to enter Mount Athos. The  rule, known as the “AVATON”, forbids access to Mount Athos by  any female and is enforced by law.

Mount Athos, which overlooks the peninsula, is a huge conical  mountain with a height of 2.033 meters. The natural landscapes  of the peninsula are astonishing, the picturesque hills, the verdant green forests, the steep cliffs and the abundance of running  waters. The unique architectural style of the monasteries, with  its castle-like arrangement of the buildings, the impressive towers, the admirable bell towers, the carved wood or marble  chancel screens, as well as the wonderful decor of excellent  murals, holy icons and the melodious psalmodies, which create a  unique atmosphere of catanyxis, make Agion Oros  a living  museum of art, ethnology and ecclesiastical history.

Mount Athos Exclusive BespokeTours and much more… Transformation!

We provide customized and tailor made tours for ONE or small  private groups in Mount Athos, known in Greece as the Holy  Mountain (Agion Oros). Located in the easternmost of the three  peninsulas of Halkidiki, in Northern Greece, it remains the only  place which is entirely dedicated to prayer and the worship of  God. Upon request we can offer hiking, trekking and climbing  trips on Mount Athos for all level of fitness.

Choose your plan below and let us transform your life!

Platinum Plan (1 pax)  2.500€

Golden Plan (2 pax)   1.800€

Silver Plan (3 pax)      1.500€

The tours can be seen as a cultural and historical visit,  since the monasteries are around 1000 years old and similar to castles, and not as a pilgrimage or religious tourism. It is the main philosophy of our company. We always spend 3 nights so that there is enough time to discover and explore this monastic community and get every drop of pleasure and knowledge that, this unique in the world destination, can offer us! We look forward to making a different, unforgettable experience for all our travelers. The tours are for male persons only. Maximum number  of persons is 4. The tours involve driving within the Athonian state on dirt roads visiting multiple Byzantine monasteries and other religious sights.

Guests are free to participate in the evening or early morning mass but not obligatory. But it is  something very spiritual, especially the morning mass,  very mystic and the rituals are performed in darkness with only candles along with chanting. Food in the monastery is provided in shared dinning along with monks  twice a day while chanting. No meat is allowed anywhere in Agion Oros. They eat fish, seafood, legumes and vegetables.

Included: 1 night excellent accommodation in Ouranoupoli, 2 nights guesthouse accommodation with private facilities in monks residence with excellent sea food half board. 1 night accommodation in a monastery with shared facilities. Entrance Fees and procedures guiding in the monasteries, all land transfers in private SUV, sea transfers, visits to 7 – 10 Monasteries and Sketae

 Not-Included: Extra expenses due to adverse weather conditions*

*Although Agion Oros is a peninsula is only accessed by sea. No  land crossings of vehicles are permitted. Sometimes due to  adverse weather conditions the port authorities issue a prohibitive departure of the maritime transport services.)

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