We are committed to preserve the environment, support the local communities, and protect those that need it. All our staff and supply partners have these values on the core of their business culture, delivering responsible travel experiences. Our aim is to reduce the negative impact that our company has on the environment from a social and physical perspective and demonstrate this commitment to our suppliers and customers.

We respect local cultures and social etiquette

We respect the different cultures and religions. We encourage local interaction by respecting the etiquette and the local way of living with a view to understand the differences between cultures and local traditions. We ask questions where people are open to it but silently observe the unique nature of each culture. We inform all travelers with accurate pre-trip information regarding any social or political circumstances in the respective locations. We encourage all travelers to minimize the negative impact on local cultures and secure this by appointing local guides to accompany the groups to local communities which will be benefiting the local communities.

  • We encourage all travelers through our staff to act in a socially responsible manner
  • We provide guidelines on how to respect the local cultures, societies, and religions on areas that we visit
  • We ensure that our presence remains appropriate to the local conditions and follow local dress standards where required
  • We treat local service providers and residents with respect and equality
  • We do not tolerate any kind of discriminatory behavior
  • We encourage positive cultural exchanges
  • We discourage haggling
  • We forbid the use of illegal drugs on all our tours

We support the local communities and economies

We employ local guides and staff members and utilizing local suppliers, transport, and accommodation everywhere possible. In addition to this we request that our service partners also supporting the local community by choosing to work with local employees and products. This is not only key in supporting the local economies but gives us the ability to work with locally trained guides which know the areas and people very well. We also encourage travelers to purchase from local service providers and support the local enterprises by including local markets and merchandise areas visits, within our trips.

  • We use local guides, local transport options and providers and locally owned accommodation partners
  • We ensure our staff and service providers have a safe environment to work and are paid fairly for their work
  • We have developed long term relationships with our service providers to ensure continuous and ongoing economic benefit to the local economy
  • We promote local products and merchandise and provide guidelines to travelers on what these are at each respective area we visit
  • We do not engage in any form of bribery or corruption activities

We preserve the environment

We aim to reduce the negative impact to the environment by minimizing our resources and reduce the carbon emissions on each destination we visit. We do not support any wildlife tours and encourage all visitors to enjoy the nature and leave no footprints behind.

  • We do not support any wildlife tours
  • We do not offer or support any tours that have a detrimental impact to the environment
  • We are a niche tour operator which operates in small groups
  • We operate with ‘leave no trace’ ethos
  • Where possible we include group transportation