We provide customized and tailor made tours for small private groups in Mount Athos, known in Greece as the Holy Mountain (Agion Oros). Located in the easternmost of the three peninsulas of Halkidiki, in Northern Greece, it remains the only place which is entirely dedicated to prayer and the worship of God. Upon request we can offer hiking, trekking, ski touring and climbing trips on Mount Athos for all level of fitness. For the more adventurous and technical competent alpine climbers willing to try something unique we offer the most technical route of the mountain, following the famous and with a handful or repeats, the Western Spur of Mount Athos (Grade: D+)

Agion Oros Treks operates and provides its services and activities through the travel agency BASECAMP TRAVEL.

An Orthodox spiritual centre since 1054, the monastic state of Agion Oros has enjoyed an autonomous status since Byzantine time and constitutes a self-governed part of the Greek State. An UNESCO World heritage site since 1988, it includes 20 “sovereign” monasteries, sketae, huts, cells, and “hermitages”. All the monasteries are coenobitic, i.e. with common liturgy and prayer, common housing, eating and work for the monks. The region is governed by the “Holy community” under the ecumenical Patriarch of Constantinople. Only men are permitted to enter Mount Athos. The rule, known as the “AVATON”, forbids access to Mount Athos by any female and is enforced by law.

Mount Athos, which overlooks the peninsula, is a huge conical mountain with a height of 2.033 meters. Its barren peak seems to be spearing the heaven and its verdant green slopes with the old trees, create a sense of unique natural beauty in this enchanting area. The natural landscapes of the peninsula are wonderful, the picturesque hills, the verdant green forests, the steep cliffs and the abundance of running waters. The unique architectural style of the monasteries, with its castle-like arrangement of the buildings, the impressive towers, the admirable bell towers, the carved wood or marble chancel screens, as well as the wonderful decor of excellent murals, holy icons and the melodious psalmodies, which create a unique atmosphere of catanyxis, make Agion Oros a living museum of art, ethnology and ecclesiastical history.

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