Hiking on Mount Athos – the monastic republic that is the heart of Orthodoxy. There you will experience more than 1000 years of tradition and a mysterious separateness. Here is the kingdom of the Mother of God and her servants, the monks of the Holy Mountain. The 20 large monasteries on Sacred Mount Athos are UNESCO World Heritage Sites. A very special spiritual hiking trip only for men.

The forested mountain of the same name, Athos, whose 2033 m high peak rises out of the sea at the southern tip of the promontory, offers a majestic sight. Here you can relax and forget the material world. Eight hours of sleep, eight hours of work, eight hours of prayer for everyone. This is how the monks live on Athos. In its thousand-year history, the monastic republic has repeatedly served as an ascetic place of longing.

Thessaloniki is over 2,300 years old – but still very young. Visitors to the port city and metropolis of Thessaloniki walk between mosques, Byzantine churches and Turkish baths and experience the mix of different cultures and times on their journey, because Thessaloniki has a fascinating history. Many of the cultural treasures at Thessaloniki΄s were recognised by UNESCO as World Cultural Heritage in 1988 and Thessaloniki has already been awarded the title “European Capital of Culture”.