This isolated peak rises more than 2000 meters over the northern Aegean Sea. Surrounded by the nearby coast it stands alone at the very end of the 60 kilometers long peninsula of Mount Athos (Agion Oros) like a giant lighthouse for Christian orthodox pilgrims and monks. The pyramidal shape op the mountain attracts not only men of God but climbers as well. Nevertheless, the peak is worldwide known among mountaineers and its top does not see many visitors, not due to the difficulty, but because of its very special location within the territory of the Holy autonomous monastic state of “Agion Oros”, which requires a very special entry permit.

Following ancient traditions of monastic life women are not allowed in the territory of ‘Athos’. There are, at least, two known one-day routes up the Mountain: The one ascending by the southern slopes is just a mountain walk (in summer) and it is considered, therefore, as the ‘normal route’. The northwest ridge is a long technical and demanding climb only for experienced alpine climbers, a route known as the Western Spur of Mount Athos. Mount Athos offers not only all the typical experiences of the mountain climbing on an isolated peace of nature, but the possibility of a life-long-to-remember trip to one of the most spiritual places on earth, where the traveller can visit thousand years old monasteries, to witness centuries-old traditions, listen live ‘Homeric greek’ and see masterpieces of art, all in a unspoiled and wild peace of nature or, as the monks call it, “the garden of Virgin Mary”.

The summit of Mount Athos can be climbed the whole year round, but there will be snow from the end of November until March/April. Spring and Autumn are perfect for hiking and climbing the mountain. Nevertheless one should not forget that this time of the year does not assure good weather. At this time of the year might be still much snow on the upper slopes of the mountain, and the temperatures at 2000 meters could be fresh.

The mountain is totally open to the sea breeze and can be cold at the top.  In winter the top of the mountain should be treated with respect and appropriate climbing equipment and cold weather is needed. Climbing the northwest ridge has to be seen as an alpine climb and a fully qualified guide is required. Full climbing material (harness, rope, slings, express-slings, helmet, etc…) is surely needed.

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